Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This old, probably out of date proverb has some good advice though. Today’s version: don’t put all your leads on one platform. One mistake I see many startup businesses make is that they do not collect enough information from leads in the early stages of their business. I see people relying on Facebook groups, connections, and other social media profiles where they don’t have control over the platform.

This is my one piece of advice (today at least), especially if you are in the early stages of building a business: think toward the future! You might not have a huge or detailed marketing plan in place, a marketing team, or budget yet, but eventually, you will. And chances are, you have a website. I’m going to tell you exactly how to put that valuable piece of collateral to work because your website can be a tool for growth even in this building phase of business.

So what’s the first step? Ensure that you can communicate with anyone who has expressed interest in your services by collecting their information, and not just through social media profiles and connections. The easiest way to do this is with a contact form on your website that is connected to a CRM (customer relationship management) or email management software. 

Since these people have made it to your website and therefore have some kind of interest in your work, these leads are already warming up! They are familiar with your services or are connected to others who might be interested and can be a referral source. 

Here are some ways you can start to grow your email list using your website: 

Start a Blog

To use a blog to get people on your list, find ways to notify readers when new content comes out. You can do that using a social media platform that leads people to a “subscribe to my newsletter” type landing page then ask for their name and emails to deliver your blog. Here’s the catch: to make people give up their names AND want to open that email, you’ll need to have strong content. A good blog has actionable content that educates and informs about the topics that are important to your readers.

A key step is to add a call to action (CTA) on each blog post. A good post with a clear CTA excites your readers to take the next step. The next step can be as simple as them clicking a link to learn more about your services, or include a calendar link for a discovery call. 

If you write it, they will come…. read it and continue coming back. 

Create a quality lead magnet

The purpose of a lead magnet is right there in the name – to attract potential leads into your world, and onto your email list.

So what is your target market interested in? Give them answers to common questions or an actionable checklist. It comes down to figuring out what’s most desirable to your audience, and offering them something for free that has value. For example, if you’re coaching tutors, give them a free PDF worksheet template to use with their students. More great lead magnets are fun quizzes that will deliver a result via email, ebooks that will teach something in your expertise, or a free consultation.

Once you have chosen an irresistible lead magnet, set up a landing page for them to opt-in, then promote it on social media. 

Website Popup

No, not like the spam popups of the early 2000s with music that blasts and flashing text that won’t go away. Ew. I’m talking about a non-invasive popup that offers something of value (like a signup to receive that juicy lead magnet). Used correctly, this is a great tool! Place it on your site strategically, and make sure it doesn’t pop up every time the same visitor comes to your site. Offer value related to the content on that page so people are willing to put in their email addresses!

There you have it, three great ways to begin building your email list – something you own – to support the growth of your business! Of course, your email list will become an invaluable source of getting all your great sales in front of people, but don’t forget to nurture them along the way. That means don’t add, then ghost them. Stay interested in what’s happening in their lives. 

If all this sounds great, but you’re grasping at straws trying to figure out what your lead magnet will work best, let’s chat! I’ve got a ton of ideas for just about every industry and would love to help.