Your website is your first or second point of contact with a potential customer, so it’s crucial to have clear content and a streamlined design. When an individual lands on your website, you have FIVE seconds to capture their attention and draw them in. Unfortunately, many websites I’ve come across are NOT set up for success. Does your website have these common fatal flaws?

Flaw 1: Having too much text on your website

Text is necessary to describe who you are and what you do to your audience – plus, the SEO legends love it. But there is such a thing as being too wordy. The key is to convey your message quickly and with enough pizzazz (insert jazz hand gesture) to keep the reader interested. 

People don’t want to waste their time reading big chunks of content–they just want answers–so be as concise as possible while giving all the information your customers want.

Flaw 2: Assuming your visitor will visit every page on your site

After reviewing Google Analytics for many, many sites, the metrics made one habit very clear: users typically navigate away from a site after visiting one or two pages. That’s it! 

Did you capture their interest in those two pages? Just one more reason to keep your message clear and give them a clear call to action to continue the conversation by booking a call or emailing you directly. And if you’re not ready for a one-to-one conversation, have something on your site to capture their information, like a valuable lead magnet to get their name and email address. Contact forms work great for that too ? 

Flaw 3: Not reviewing your website annually 

Our businesses change and evolve, and so should your website. Often we add items to our site, or eliminate services and remove pages – but when’s the last time you updated your main pages? If you’re not regularly maintaining your site, it can easily get out of control or VERY dusty (aka outdated). Remember to keep your navigation menu simple, and review your website annually to make sure visitors can still easily navigate through your website and find what they need.

Keep this in mind: if you’re one of the business owners who can’t seem to leave their site alone, you need to keep an eye on how many trendy words you use. Your staple pages are not the ideal place for trendy words, such as manifesting, tribe, or abundance. Those buzzwords will become outdated by the end of the year. Or sooner.

If you take anything away from this, take this: if your site is clear, concise, and easy to navigate, your readers will be happier and more willing to buy.

You can download my full Website Audit Checklist here for more tips on improving your site!