A pinch of fun, peppery punch lines, fresh perspectives, and garnished with personality – adding these extra ingredients will set your content apart from the rest. When putting together your social media content, remember to add flavor to everything you do. Because with flavor, comes variety and variety is memorable. 

It’s so easy to get trapped in posting only one type of post on social media. All too often I see really great people pouring buckets of informative posts into their feeds, but have little to no interaction. Here’s a quick tip… add a cat. You should never underestimate the power of a cat meme to grab your reader’s attention, then provide them with amazing value. But here’s the bigger message: posting the same type of content over and over again isn’t going to engage your audience the way you want. 

Instead, use social media as it was intended and help people get to know your business on a human level. Doing so leads to more people getting to know, like, trust, and ultimately buy from you.

You can get started right now by focusing your content creation efforts on mixing these ingredients up each week:


Educate your audience on what problem you can solve for them. You can do that by teaching them anything they can get value from, but don’t give away the cow AKA teach an entire course. These types of posts will show your audience you are the go-to expert for everything they’re working towards. Also, keep your messaging clear so you are the first to come to mind when they need help. 


Your audience needs to understand what you do and how you can help them, not just that you are the expert. Ask yourself a few questions to figure out what content to post:

    • What problems will your audience continue to experience if they don’t work with you?
    • What are their current pain points, and can they be easily fixed?
    • How can you relate to their problem?

Don’t shy away from telling people you’re here and ready to help!


Being boring is for the birds. To stay relevant in your audience’s life, you need to find a way to become memorable – humor is that way. People use social media for connection and to take a break from their lives, so remain human when you’re writing for your business! So next time you see a meme that would work perfectly for your business… use it! And don’t forget to sprinkle in jokes, images, and common stories of mishap (like a “we’ve all been there” type post). 

Brand Awareness

There is something you are passionate about and a stand you take no matter what, and your audience needs to know that. So tell me, what makes your business stand out from the competition? Once you know what that is, talk about it! When you do, you’ll quickly find out which followers are aligned with your beliefs and the ones who are not. Even though having everyone love you sounds amazing, it’s not practical. Because even if you’re the juiciest peach at the stand, someone is going to pass you up because they simply don’t like peaches.


You and your employees are actual humans and have lives outside of work – right?? Of course! And if you’re saying no… well, that’s a different conversation. What I’m saying is this: show people who you are outside of pushing pen to paper and working hard for your clients. Showing them this side of you gives people another reason to build a relationship with your business because they find out, “there’s an actual human working behind that business page, and hey, they’re just like me!”

Bonus ingredient: A strong CTA 

And finally, the most important ingredient when putting together your content – a call to action. No matter what strategy you use, always include a call to action (CTA) so your audience knows exactly what needs to happen next to work with you, talk with you, and become part of your community. 

You’ll notice quite a bit of changes in how your audience reacts when you start using these categories. Not only because your words will flow more freely, but you’ll discover you have an audience that’s engaged and ready to interact daily. 

Tell me, which type of post are you going to add to your content calendar first? If you need help with ideas, shoot me a message and I’d be glad to help!

– Lisa