You, your business, and the world are constantly evolving. Not just annually – but every single day. Day-by-day, it can be hard to recognize the strides you are making and everything you are accomplishing. But when you look back, you can clearly see all the areas your business has grown – increased revenue and audience, new staff members, and business processes and standards all running smoothly.

However, sometimes when you take a moment to look back – you can also easily recognize some areas that didn’t go the way you planned.

Maybe you can now easily see how that campaign could have been much better executed, or why didn’t you ever think to use that social channel before?

The end of the year means it’s time to give your digital footprint this annual check-up so that you can best prepare yourself for a fresh start and strategy.

Annual Marketing Audits

Annual audits are necessary to ensure that your online presence accurately reflects your current business and so you can move forward on the right (digital) foot. 

Social Media:

A social media audit goes further than just checking that your social media posts are solid. A thorough audit ensures your online presence attracts the right clients who are ready to work with you!

Audit Checklist
  1. Verify that your business description is accurate, your links are valid and your graphics accurately reflect your services and clientele
  2. Check your listings on Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and local business listings like your Chamber of Commerce
  3. Review your social media strategy to make sure that it is speaking to your ideal audience


Each year (at absolute minimum) you should do a full walk-through of your website for an audit of the new user experience. Things online change fast. Your brand new website may have been impressive last year, that doesn’t guarantee it still is!

Audit Checklist
  1. Check everything SEO. Think – broken links, 404 pages, image optimization, meta descriptions and keywords, everything.
  2. Update each page with accurate up-to-date information. Pull down past event details, past special offerings and add new staff members. 
  3. Add (or update) your FAQ page with new and relevant inquiries from users.
  4. Review every page of your website on every kind of device (remember: 50% of traffic is visiting your site on a cell phone)


Email Marketing:

Email marketing has the highest ROI out there, when done right. It’s important to keep up with your email list and strategy to keep your subscribers warm and happy!

Audit Checklist
  1. Run an email list clean sequence to clear your list of any subscribers who no longer are interested in what you have to offer
  2. Update your email signature to include any new offerings or branding changes
  3. Review email analytics from the past year to help plan for the next. What emails were opened religiously? Which ones not so much?

The best part about this is that you still have over a month to conduct your audits and get your new strategy in place! 

Not enough time?

Luckily, this is what we specialize in. From researching and writing blog post content, creating editorial calendars on auto-pilot, and getting your content out in front of the world so they know that you are the go-to expert. 

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