You’ve come up with a small business idea that sets you apart. You’re eager to work for yourself doing what you love and are imagining the ways in which your business might grow. But…you just can’t reach the customers you want.

The following are three big reasons why you might not be attracting new clients. The good news is that with a few adjustments to your marketing strategy, you can start building a loyal clientele base and expanding your business like never before.

You don’t have a clear target market presence. 

If you don’t have a clearly defined target audience, then the best-thought-out business plan and the prettiest website can’t help you grow your business. While marketing to as many people as possible may seem like the best strategy, it’s a recipe for burnout.

The more efficient and affordable way to attract new clients is to market with a very specific “ideal” client in mind. Think about the type of person that would be most interested in the services you have to offer, and try to meet them where they are. What might they be typing into a Google search bar? What social media platforms do they use most often?

You aren’t making it easy for potential clients to find and engage with you online.

In this day and age, online presence is everything. Not only will you need a website for your business, but you will need a website that carefully caters to your ideal audience. Your web content should describe your business to potential clients browsing as if to say, “you are exactly the type of person that could benefit from my services.”

Try to anticipate the phrases a potential customer would be looking for on Google, and implement similar language throughout your site. Anticipate the topics that they are seeking information on, and make your website the resource they stumble upon. This is a simplified explanation of search engine optimization, or SEO, and online marketing strategy aimed at bumping your business up in Google listings.

You aren’t “top of mind” for potential clients.

Every entrepreneur dreams of beating out their competition to be the first business in the industry that comes to mind for a potential customer. This might seem like a lofty goal for a small business owner, but it’s totally feasible once you have narrowed your target market. All it takes is a smart online marketing strategy, and a regular schedule.

Promote your business on the social media platforms your target audience uses most, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Send a weekly or monthly e-mail campaign through platforms like Mailchimp and Infusionsoft. The most important thing you can do is to set a schedule for marketing campaigns and stick to it!

A Virtual Assistant Can Help!

If you haven’t been attracting new clients, it’s not because they don’t exist. There’s just a more direct way of reaching those clients, by leveraging online marketing strategies.

Whether you are struggling to identify your target audience, find ways to engage with them online, or maintain a consistent marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to delegate! A virtual assistant can make sure that you are consistently reaching the right people on the right platforms. Contact me to get started on your targeted marketing plan today.