Every six months, I turn the tables on myself to analyze my business’ digital presence. It might sound like a simple task, but it’s so much more than skimming content and post engagement – I do a back to front deep dive into what’s been working, what hasn’t, and whether my content plan going forward resonates with the people I’m writing for (you know, other than myself). 

But more importantly, I’m gauging whether my brand’s personality and tone are still on point or if I’ve somehow lost my voice during the grind of churning out work. 

It’s something that could happen to any brand. Being a business owner can be exhausting. It’s easy to get lost in the work you do for clients or developing new products. But that’s why I audit myself just as I do for my clients.

Your brand’s personality makes up a considerable piece of your digital presence. Yes, you post about products or offers, but how you sound and what you focus on are what the audience subconsciously pays closer attention to. ** It’s part of consumer psychology, but thats an entirely different topic!

If you haven’t done a self-check recently (or ever), don’t sweat it! There’s plenty of time for you to do it now. Here is a high level list of what I focus on during my personal digital audit: 

✅ Social media – When’s the last time you updated your bio? Assuming your life has changed within the last six months, maybe give it a little attention. And even if nothing changed, update how you explain who you are, what you do, and add something cheeky for good measure. Also, take a good hard look at your social posts. Are they relevant? Was the graphic you included branded? Do the words “sound” like your brand? All of this matters because consistency creates trust – and trust creates loyal customers. 

✅ Website- Please do not establish your site, then forget to ever look at it again. Just as social media is continuously evolving, so are your customer’s website expectations. I’m not suggesting a full-blown site renovation twice a year, but be sure your contact information is up to date, images reflect your current offers, and any other information you have shown is relevant. If your site looks like it hasn’t been touched in years, potential customers might think you’re no longer in business. Once you’ve done all that, double check your links are still working, and your navigation menu is easy to use. 

✅ Newsletter- Oh my gosh, when was the last time you updated your automated emails? Or maybe you don’t have one? Emails are what sales experts refer to as “low-hanging fruit.” They have the potential to bring in one-third of your sales, but only if they’re still relevant. Newsletters, welcome series, lists, and segments – be sure they’re up to date for the sake of your readers, but also to keep your words out of the spam folder. 

The common theme in a digital audit is “relevancy”. Our digital world is continually changing – be sure you don’t get left behind or complacent! Managing it all can feel pretty overwhelming, but that’s what the team and I are here to help you with. If you need an audit, let us help. We’ll take the time to review your website and social media pages, then give you tangible feedback that’ll undoubtedly improve your brand & bottom line. Send a message with the subject line: Audit to support@lisamgale.com.

P.S. Your digital audit is a perfect time to revisit business subscriptions. Are you paying for a feature you no longer use? Could you use an upgrade of another? All good questions you should be asking yourself. As your business grows, so does the list of programs you sign up for. What’s necessary and what is fluff or a duplicate?