I frequently feel like I have the same conversation with business owners over and over again…

They come to me saying a lot of things along these lines:

  • They need help getting exposure
  • They want to be active on social media, but they don’t know what to post
  • They can talk for hours on their expertise, but can’t commit to posting on their blog consistently
  • They are so busy working for their existing clients that they completely forget about nurturing their future clients

Let’s be honest – these challenges are far too common and I’m starting to feel deja vu way too often! However, your next steps depend on your answers to these two questions:

  • Are these challenges worth overcoming?
  • Can your business really afford to put online marketing on the backburner?

The Challenges of Generating Traffic & Leads

If you’re still reading then you probably answered “Yes, No” to the above AND you’re probably a very intelligent business owner!

The majority of businesses now list “generating traffic and leads” as their main struggle in marketing their business. 

And for good reason! There is SO MUCH of competition online that it can be challenging to make sure your prospects land on your website – and not someone else’s.

The Solution (to almost everything): Content Marketing

Content marketing generates traffic to your website and social media channels while simultaneously bringing fresh eyes (or leads) to your business!

This is exactly why I’m so passionate about a solid content marketing strategy to help you in your marketing efforts.

What is Content Marketing & Why Do I Need it?

Content marketing is an extremely valuable and effective method of sharing your written, downloadable and audio/visual material with your target market so that they can learn about your expertise, services and brand. This can be in the form of eBooks, PDF downloads, blog posts, podcasts, videos, social media posts and email newsletters.

Here are three popular forms of content marketing and how they help you gain visibility in your industry:


1. Blog Posts
  • Drive fresh (and return) traffic to website
  • Demonstrate expertise and educate target market about you and your brand
  • Enticing call to action encourages the visitor to take the next step
2. Social Media
  • Non-existent or ignored Facebook account means (in the customer’s mind) that the business is not as good as they say they are 
  • Social media posts offer the opportunity to educate, inform, entertain and give your next client “social proof” about your services
  • Consumers use social media to vet a prospective business. Posting regularly to social media can help you improve your credibility.
   3. Newsletters
  • Make sure people don’t forget about you by staying top of mind with newsletters
  • Offer value, stories of success, testimonials, tips and share events with your audience. 
  • Stay in touch and stay top of mind. That person opening your email might not have a need for your services today. But maybe in 6 weeks or 6 months? Or perhaps their mother-in-law needs exactly what you provide.

Now What?

Marketing online is important, and it’s only getting more so. If you don’t have the time to stay active and engaged, someone else will. If you understand the importance of building a consistent online presence, but just can’t seem to find the time – reach out for a consult with us!

We’re experts on creating content. This is what we specialize in. From researching and writing blog post content, creating editorial calendars on auto-pilot, and getting your content out in front of the world so they know that you are the go-to expert. 

Think you need some help getting your content marketing strategy in place?

Contact us today for a free consultation!