From last week to this week, everything has changed for us business owners. I am getting inundated with questions right now about pivoting all content marketing to address what is going on with the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us are on uneasy ground right now. We’re worried about our health, our children, our teams and the economy. Some of you are thinking outside the box and getting super creative with how to deliver your services to your clients while factoring in social distancing. I have seen so many great ideas popup!

Some of you are using this isolation to dig into your business and work on it, not in it. This is a great time for a digital audit! Start with a social media, search engine and website audit. (Here’s your website audit checklist.)

Some are just trying to figure out how to stay relevant right now and meet your clients where they are: online. Everyone is isolated but online. Make sure you are too!

Communicating with clients through coronavirus

Here are five things you can do right now that will improve your online presence and engage your audience. As you go through these, I encourage you to write out your answers and publish this as a blogpost, send it as a newsletter and also publish it online on your social media channels.

1) About your business:

  • What has changed for your business in the last 2 weeks?
  • Are your doors open?
  • Are you going virtual?
  • Are you business as usual?
  • Is your team working from home? 
  • How can people support your small business right now?

2) About your clients:

  • How are your current clients going to be affected by what is going on? How has their day/routine changed and how can you help them navigate this change?
  • Are your current clients going to experience any delays in business? 
  • What can your clients do to improve their current situation given current restrictions?
  • How can your clients reach you during this time?

3) Onboarding new clients

  • For some of you, things are picking up (for the toilet paper industry, that’s for sure!). How can potential clients work with you? Has the new client onboarding process changed at all? 
  • For others, things are slowing down – reach out to past prospects now!

4) Thinking ahead

  • If you have any downtime right now, this is a great time to revisit your New Year Resolutions
  • Did you have anything in your business that you wanted to accomplish this year? Dig in!
  • Do you have any processes in your business that just aren’t working? Fix them!

5) The power of memes:

Right now is a meme-creator’s dream. There are so many out there that are lifting everyone’s spirits. People are worried, panicked and uncertain. A little levity in their day will go a long way. When in doubt, add in a good meme. 

I hope this list helps you pivot your social media strategy and begin to plan out a way to reach those who need your help.

If you haven’t focused any energy on your digital footprint, now is the time to do so!

If you are ready to get your website up, put yourself online or revamp your digital marketing strategy, email me. Or if you want me to conduct a full audit, let’s do this. My business hasn’t changed at all (except that all of my children are home all day – send whiskey…)