Eight months ago, we all felt so – optimistic. But three months into the new year, sh*t got real – and our optimism faded away. 

Until now. Personally, I’ve been really proud of how creative small businesses have been to stay open. Entrepreneurs are a lively bunch – we are not easily crushed. 

Sure, things are still feeling a little uncertain, but when have we ever felt sure of anything? And yes, I understand the pandemic is doing more than get people sick, but our economy has always ebbed and flowed – remember 2008? 

But if you’re still worried about how social distancing or a potential shut down (please, God, no), let me ease your mind. Throughout the spring/summer of COVID-19, business owners got resourceful. Most moved their operations to a digital platform, and by golly, it worked. The ones who embraced the option of operating online due to CDC regulations were not only able to survive a huge commerce change – they THRIVED. 

Digital Marketing became the ONLY way to create leads, and while I’ve seen plenty of trends come and go in my day – that makes me sound old, but I swear, I’m not! – here are a handful of recent trends I believe are here to stay:

Video Conferencing

Didn’t we use to laugh about this as kids? I mean, talking over video like its a telephone? Dream oooon…. But now, it’s a very real & professional form of communication. Now that most office employees have worked out the kinks of using Zoom or Google Hangouts in meetings, the trend of hosting video meetings is here to stay. Sure, phone meetings are fine, but seeing another human face makes a big difference in bond, which is important if you operate as a team or collaborate. 


People have built their entire empires around Facebook Lives or YouTube – it’s pretty obvious this trend is here to stay. Just like video conferencing, recorded videos, or lives are a great way to bond with fellow employees or clients. If you own a larger business, going LIVE on Facebook or having a YouTube channel might not make sense – it reality depends on your brand identity and client base. My recommendation? Do your research and find out!

Animated Graphics

Have fun with this one! Graphics that support your message and are lively are big winners this year on social media. 


Who doesn’t love a good meme, amirite? When you are speaking to your “people”, you can always identify who is paying attention after posting a good meme. With the start of the pandemic, memes erupted as our new form of expressing frustration and unity. 


Content gives people a reason to stick around, but most importantly, it supports your brand identity and selling power. Be intentional with your content by sharing stories, successes, and cautionary tales from your audience with your prospective clients, then always tie it back to whatever you’re promoting. Don’t be afraid to sell with your content. Creating content that engages people takes time and effort, but the payoff is big.


Everyone and their mother is shopping online right now. E V E R Y O N E . Over 70% of consumers read reviews before entering their credit card information when it comes to making a purchase. 

It’s not too late to jump on the digital bandwagon – and my team and I are ready to help! We can all be hopeful the world will go “back to normal” come to the end of the year, but at this rate, I am not sure that’s going to happen – but that’s ok! Because a lot of small businesses have found a way to adapt, and so can you. Click here to book a coffee chat to see how I can help get your small business prepared for the holiday season rush. Yes, it’s early, but with the unknown territory, I’d rather give you time to adapt than scramble to make something work!