Email marketing isn’t dead! And neither is your list, no matter how long it’s been since they’ve heard from you. 

In a perfect world, you consistently email content to your subscribers, keep your website up to date, and post daily on social media. 

But we don’t live in a perfect world, and without careful planning, our best intentions to keep up with marketing our business can go out the window fast. 

The life of a business owner is hectic, and it may be hard to make those weekly or monthly deadlines for your email newsletter. But what happens when you let time-lapse? The strong relationship you’ve worked to build with your subscribers starts to fade, and loyalty wanes. But you can fix this. Here’s how:

Be forthcoming about the fact that you haven’t emailed people in a while and write a ‘remember me’ email. If your subscribers haven’t heard from you for a while, they might need a refresher on how they ended up on your list or what you do. It may sound crazy, but not uncommon for a subscriber to have no idea why you’re emailing them or when they opted into your emails. Writing an open and honest email about what you’ve been up to, and why you haven’t emailed them for a while will make restarting the conversation a lot easier. 

Share positives that have happened since you last spoke and directly tie it to your offer. For subscribers that wish to stick around, it’s time to give them a good reason to do so. This means providing the best possible value you can. This sharing will encourage subscribers to trust you, hopefully enough to do business with you, or at least enough to re-establish their trust. And don’t just one-off the top quality content. Keep the momentum going by continuously delivering what they want and respond to, and let them know when they can expect to get more of it. 

Invite them to stay on the list if they wish and understand that they may not want to. This might seem counter-intuitive; you want to re-engage these subscribers, not show them the door. But the subscriber may no longer be interested in what you have to offer, and that’s not their fault. In this case, re-engaging means getting them to make that decision right now. After the explanation, follow up with a quick link to your unsubscribe/subscriber options page. Subscribers who want to stay on your list will appreciate the honesty and the ones who don’t won’t be a deadweight for your list. If people don’t want to be on your list and can’t find a way out, they’re likely to report you as spam to stop your emails. These complaints can hurt your deliverability, and the best way to avoid that is by making the exit strategy visible.

Email marketing is an essential form of marketing because it produces the biggest ROI, so if you’re feeling shy about sending out that first email – don’t! You can do this, and if you’re not sure what to say, let’s chat. I’ll give you the words.