When it comes to busy entrepreneur life, our social media accounts can often be the last item on our to-do lists. 

But wouldn’t it feel amazing if you were getting engagement on your account, leads from your social media efforts, and business growth was increasing as you invest your time? 

It does, trust me.

However, I understand how stressful putting a social media strategy in place can be when you’re not sure if you’re even focusing your efforts on the right platform! In this guide, I will help you to avoid wasting thousands of dollars on a strategy that was never meant to work for your business, and really hone in on the one that will. 

Your Business Needs a Social Presence

A lot of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the amount of social media platforms out there and that’s why they have a hard time sticking to a strategy! It can be frustrating working so hard and not knowing if you are on the right route to begin with. But, that’s can’t be your reason to abstain from social media altogether. 

In today’s world, your business needs an online presence to compete.

If your business is lacking a website, Facebook page, or Instagram – well there’s someone out there who’s not. And there’s a chance they could steal your next client, rightfully so.

Let’s not let that happen!

The Fundamentals

If You Are: Just Starting Out
  1. Make sure you can be easily found online
  2. Have a mobile-friendly website
  3. Implement a warm-leads strategy to create an easy-buying process

When you’re just starting out, it can be especially overwhelming knowing where to start in the vast world of digital marketing. 

The three points above are things you should absolutely focus your efforts on from day one. We can worry about the rest later!

If You Are: A Local Business Owner
  1. Nurture your existing clients
  2. Have a solid website
  3. Set up a Google My Business account

If you own a local business, these three things will get your online presence up and running and give you a strong foundation to build off.

Finding the Right Channel

If You: Sell Products Online
  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook

If you run an eCommerce store then chances are, you’ve run into the term Influencer Marketing once or twice. Influencer Marketing is when you reach out to influencers via social media, likely Instagram, to ask them to help you promote your product in exchange for something else. This is a really great method for eCommerce because you raise brand awareness and improve credibility! 

Facebook marketing should be another point of focus for eCommerce because you can set up ads and retargeting campaigns very easily. Building a presence on Facebook is important because when people see an ad they like, they will likely click through to your page to check you out and from there decide whether or not to visit your store.

If You: Sell Digital Products Online
  1. Facebook

If you sell digital products, online courses, or you have a membership website, setting up a Facebook strategy should be your primary goal.

Facebook ads can integrate with your email marketing to create seamless automation and start that passive income flowing in!

If You: Are a Coach or Service Provider to a National/International Community
  1. Facebook Lives
  2. Facebook Groups

The key to mastering social media as a coach or service provider is to treat it like you are inviting people into your home. Don’t be shy. Your ideal client wants to know more about you. They are interested in you as a person and a professional and they want to learn more.

Stay consistent and engaged.

If You: Sell B2B Professional Services
  1. LinkedIn

If you sell B2B professional services such as attorneys, insurance agents or accountants, LinkedIn is the channel you should be focusing all your efforts.

Getting involved on LinkedIn can help build credibility in your business. Post your content here, share with others, and engage. LinkedIn is all about building connections and networking.

Hopefully, you’re now prepared and excited to get out there and start building your online social presence! 

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