How humans spend their days has really changed within the last one hundred years. The time we used to spend working, planting, sowing, or surviving is now filled with screen time. It’s shocking to think about, but not necessarily the devil’s work. There’s a lot of good people can do with today’s technology, including turning a formerly brick and mortar business into an e-commerce store.

Now that everyone’s home, internet usage increased by 30%, and some businesses are reporting triple the sales they had projected a few short months ago. I think it’s safe to say, having a digital presence was always important, but now it is more than ever. 

If you haven’t yet started working on making you and your brand accessible online, now’s the time.  

When you start making the digital move, keep these two factors top of mind. First impressions matter, and so does social presence. It’s been proven that buyers research either the product or business they plan to order from before following through. Aside from reading online reviews and asking for referrals, they check out a company’s online presence to get a feel for who they are. In today’s digital landscape, first impressions are everything. And in a world where content is getting thrown at us every minute, making sure your customer’s first impression of you is a positive one because you know what they say – you only get one first impression.

Let’s just say I know my way around a website and can easily keep the packages coming even though most stores are closed – my husband thought we’d be saving money with the shutdown. HA! But learning best practices when online shopping didn’t come easy to me. As a Gen Xer, I primarily used the internet as a tool to covertly chat with my friends online when the house was quiet and I wasn’t allowed on the phone (sorry, Mom!). But the internet has been much like the Wild West. And with each innovation, we discover as many disreputable vendors online as there are quality ones. Anyone remember the Acai Berry scam of 2008?

So if you’re typical clients find themselves being forced to shop online only, you can bet they’re uncomfortable trying to figure out which stores are legit, and which ones are not. One thing that’ll tip them off that you’re trustworthy and ready to help is to look as legit as possible. Meaning, dust off your website, rattle out the cobwebs from your email list and work on making your digital storefront shine like new. Once you do that, consumers everywhere will feel comfortable supporting you because their first impression will be a positive one. Here are a few of my favorite tools that make your business look and feel legit – and stand out from the competition!


An email signature is basically a digital business card, and a chance to not only send your contact info, but also give people the option to click out to your website and social pages. Wisestamp will generate a professional email signature in just minutes!


You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful and branded graphics easily with Canva! Having sleek images on your website, social media, and freebies will help you make a great first impression. Plus, they have easy to use templates to get you going right away.

Calendly or Acuity

Both of these calendar programs make booking appointments simple for your clients and prospects to schedule appointments on your calendar. You sync it with your calendar, and they choose a time that’s best for them – no more “which time works for you?” back and forth. Find Calendly here and Acuity here.


Using this video chatting software is a great way to engage with buyers through face-to-face conversation. This will set you apart from the competition because better connections are created face-to-face than simply on a phone call.


Pexels is a website with beautiful graphics for your social media and website. Just type in the search what you’re looking for, and you’ll have plenty of images to choose from. The best part? It’s free!

If you take the time to use these tools and improve your online presence, your buyers will notice in the best way possible. Having high-quality graphics and a streamlined business will show customers that you are put together and ready to serve them. You’ll nail that first impression!