This is right around the time of year that New Years’ resolutions start to slide. That early morning trip to the gym is wearing you out and it takes everything in you not to open those social media notifications. But as energy and excitement for 2018 winds down, small business owners need to redouble their efforts to grow, not slow, their business. Here are some simple resolutions to keep the momentum going throughout the new year.

1. Focus on What Sets You Apart

You probably started your business because you know you have something unique to offer. You’re familiar with the businesses that are already out there and know that your skillset and/or product sets you apart. Carving out a niche for yourself is an ongoing process, though, not just something that happens when you start your small business. Every single day, reflect on what makes you different and how you can reach the clients who will most appreciate those differences. Consider designing your ideal client avatar.

2. Engage Your Community

Once you have a clear target audience, interact with them often. Use your social media channels or blog to share insights, announcements, and opportunities to sample your services. Use written and visual content that will appeal to and attract new clients. Network at every opportunity and maintain your relationships with past clients because there’s no better way to grow than word of mouth.

3. Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

Even if you have a thorough business plan and know exactly how you’d like to grow in 2018, day-to-day productivity is just as important as the big picture. Plan out your schedule each day, allotting time for both routine and long-term projects. Take a half hour to an hour to reflect on what is or is not working in your business, and how you can adjust for better alignment with your overall growth goals.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Small business owners are a busy breed. You have a jam-packed schedule and a lot of tasks to juggle. In between the emails, meetings, and planning sessions, be sure to rest. Take a mental break and do whatever helps you to relax and recuperate best — have a nice cup of coffee, go for a walk, do some yoga. The quality of your work will improve when you are feeling great.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

Sticking to these resolutions every day will establish a steady momentum for your small business, but you might find yourself scrambling to keep up with business growth as a result. What a great problem to have! If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to outsource. There are competent entrepreneurs like you who are on standby, ready to take on some of the load and keep your business chugging along toward your big-picture goals.

Contact me for a free consultation. We can put our heads together and strategize a way to maintain these resolutions and leverage your growth momentum in the new year.