When’s the last time you updated your plugins? No, not the ones on the wall (ha!), the ones you installed on your website? 

If it’s been longer than a few months, today is a great day to click “update”. But wait… do you know what a plugin is? And if your site even has one? Or ten?

Most websites do. They either come already installed or get placed there by a website designer (like me!). Plugins exist for a lot of different reasons, but mainly they’re there to protect against hackers, provide additional functions to your site, and improve the user experience overall. 

Plugins are the jazz-hands of website design! 

Over time – just like all technology – there will be an opportunity to update your plugins, and I highly recommend you do. I wouldn’t want your site to lose its flair.

*Ok, but what exactly are plugins* 

Technically? A plugin is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a web browser and gives the browser additional functionality. Plugins can allow a web browser to display content it was not originally designed to display. And rest assured, most plugins are available as free downloads.

In layman’s terms? Plugins give your website personality. And since personality is the Knight to your King (brand voice), it’s wise to have them installed. Plugins are what make websites a unique *experience* users remember. They make navigating your site *easy*, and in some cases, plugins collect insider information about your site visitors. 

On a serious note, plugins also protect your site from hackers. Yes, hackers. You may think your digital storefront is much too boring for a hacker to pay any attention to, but need I remind you when their 9-5 mayhem is complete, they get bored too and hack for the fun of it (those jerks). Your site means the world to you, but them? It’s just another easy victim to toy with; don’t make it easy! 

Just to recap, the four reasons you should use plugins (and keep them up to date) are: 

  • To add personality to your site
  • Give users an amazing experience
  • Increases browser functionality 
  • Protects your site from hackers

So if I hadn’t convinced you to update your plugins to keep your website’s jazz hands fresh, maybe the thought of some guy in his mom’s basement messing with your livelihood will

And don’t worry – if you’re not sure how to even begin maintaining your site without breaking it, I’m here to do it for you – leaving one less thing you need to worry about as a business owner.