Automation for a busy entrepreneur is always a win. However, in a world of automation, we have to be very careful not to completely dehumanize our business.

On one hand, automation is vital because it’s important to free up our time so that we can focus our energy on the areas we’re best at to grow our business!

But on the other hand, prospects are people and people like talking to other people. Right? So, it’s also important to never fully eliminate that human connection prospects receive from reaching out to you.

So, what can I automate then?

Well, one place I always recommend automating from the start is in growing your business’ online reputation. Because, if not, this part of your business is most likely going to be thrown to the sidelines for a while.. Or forever. 

Improving your online reputation is more important now than ever! As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to understand that and to get a system in place that guarantees you never miss the opportunity to share a good review – or handle a bad one.

It’s 2019, and the majority of consumers will always research a business online prior to reaching out. Time is of the essence and we don’t have to waste it anymore when we can easily see online if a business has happy customers, or not so much. Consumers will compare and contrast various businesses to discover alternatives to what you offer and if your business has the least reviews or the lowest review rating, well let’s just say, you probably won’t be hearing from them anytime soon.

SO, what can you do?

Here is a simple process for you to employ:
  1. In your project management software, set a follow-up task for the end of a project to reach out to the client and ask for their feedback.
  2. You can link to a predesigned website feedback form on Typeform or SurveyMonkey, or you can link to a form on your website.
  3. If they give you positive feedback, provide a link to your Facebook or Google page and ask them to share their review with others.
  4. Smile and watch your online reputation grow!

As you can tell, I’m all about the systems, and especially so when it comes to managing online reputation.

Setting up a customer reputation management system is something I recommend being high on your list of priorities as a business owner.

Want to learn more about getting this automation setup for your business so you can sit back, relax, and focus on what you do best? Well, lucky for you, this is our specialty! Contact us today for a consultation!