I once had a business owner ask me how it was possible to outsource his blog content when he was the expert in the field. How would he be able to find someone else with his degree of experience to write for him?

My reply to him was this: When it comes to the technical side of your business, who needs to understand it better?

You? Or your client?

Your client comes to you because you are the expert. Not because they are. They want to know that you can help them. If your content is so technical that the only person who can read and relate to it is a fellow expert in the field, you have written your content to the wrong audience.

Instead, focus on content that is relatable, organized and easy to consume.

Creating content that is relatable

You want to be able to connect with your client in a way that they can relate. If your content is speaking about matters that are over their head, they are going to keep scrolling. And chances are, if they are your potential client, they are coming to you for help and won’t understand the technical aspects you’re explaining.

Instead, write to your potential clients about the transformation you can give them. What will change for them if they come to you? They aren’t worried about the how, but more about what will improve for them.

Keep your content organized

In order to keep the reader interested, keep your content organized by using:

  •       Headers
  •       Bullet points (see what I did there?)
  •       Lists
  •       Videos
  •       Images/graphics
  •       Smaller paragraphs
  •       Bold and Italics

Make sure your content is easy to consume

By making sure your content is relatable and organized, it then by default becomes easy to consume. Think about it; when you read an article, do you skim over the headers, lists, bullet points to see if it’s even worth reading? I know I do!

So, make it easy for your readers to consume by implementing relatability and organization.

Overall, you want to give your readers value and create a know, like, and trust factor with you. So, give them that in your blog posts. The more engaging your content is, the more they will come back to you as a source of knowledge for their problems.

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