Everyone with a business said that hiring a marketing team was the best thing they’d ever done, the thing they should’ve done years ago, etc. 

I bet you know you should probably hire a team too, but not entirely sure how to manage them or delegate the workflow… 

I mean… you’re not too interested in becoming a boss quite yet, right? And the only person you’d hire on the spot would be yourself. If cloning people wasn’t so taboo, you would have done it ages ago. 

Hiring a marketing team? Farthest thing from your mind… 

Until you heard a fellow small business owner – who always seemed to be growing way faster than you ever have… or would – talking about their amazing new digital marketing team, headed by Lisa Gale. 

They even said the magic words: 

“Ever since hiring Lisa and her team, I’ve made so much more money in business.”

How? Because instead of pouring over their numerous social media accounts, writing newsletters, managing ads and emails, a team of qualified and experienced people were doing it for them. 

It meant they had more time to: 

  • Create new offerings 
  • Increase their sales revenue
  • Connect with a more extensive audience base 
  • Make an impact in their community
  • And so much more

If you’ve been on the fence about bringing on extra help, now’s the perfect time. 

Not because of the holiday rush… but because eCommerce is picking up steam now – right alongside the economy. 

The writing is on the wall – digital sales are increasing like crazy and so are the number of online businesses. 

Now is the time to increase your effort without losing your mind – by bringing on a team. 

But how do you know if a remote team is the right choice? Well, this is for you if you know you want to scale your business, but you’re not financially ready to hire someone, or you’ve already tried to build a team, and it didn’t work out. Talk about flushing money down the drain… it’s painful!

Bringing on a contracted/remote team to act as your full-service marketing department is a lot simpler (and cheaper) than vetting potential hires, then managing their every move. 

With an established team, you have all the benefits of a marketing department without the burden of, well… managing employees. 

Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal. So whether you need your website updated, help with email marketing, SEO, content management, etc. – we’ve got you covered. 

Are you ready to strike up a partnership and get straight to work? Or would you like to discuss the details of a potential marketing strategy or learn how we implement our system? 

Just imagine, an entire process is fully-tailored to your business and created with your goals in mind. Click here to book a time to talk!