Starting a business is an exciting thing! But it’s not easy when you’re doing it while on a shoe-string budget. Expenses add up fast, and priority lists never stop growing. I get it! But between one business owner to another, don’t skimp out of your digital presence or brand. 

Here are a few ways you can look like a six-figure brand without spending more than a grand: 


  • Between Creative Market and Canva, you’ve got thousands of logos, business card designs, and social media images to choose from. Having something truly custom is less important during the startup stage, especially if you have to choose according to your budget. 


  • GSuite and Google My Business help legitimize your business. When you use an email that looks like, your clients will appreciate the professionalism you bring to the partnership or conversation. It shows you’re a serious business owner and not planning on stopping any time soon. 


  • Your website serves as your digital store-front. You want it to look beautiful! But who knows how to code anymore? Not a lot of people. That’s why website hosts almost always have some templated website design to get you started. 

Social Accounts

  • If it’s not on social media, is it even real? According to my teenage son, no. After forming your business, settling on a name, and getting your logo designed – put it on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! 

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to go pro or a hobbyist scaling into a business with employees, you’ve got options to take your business’ appearance to the next level. There is a way you can prepare your business for the digital market if you’re unable to hire a designer or marketing team to lend you a hand. You just need to get creative and know where to look 😉 

On the other hand, if you can’t wrap your head around DIYing your entire brand and website, let’s talk. I’m happy to have a conversation about how my team can help.