If you confuse, you lose. 

That’s what my friend, the copywriter told me – and she’s right. It’s no secret that people shop and spend more when it’s easy. That’s why department stores stepped into the eCommerce game decades ago, why credit cards are all the rage, and why online-shoppers have no problem ditching a hard-to-understand site in exchange for a crystal-clear one.  

No, I’m not talking about web design – I’m talking about the words you use on your website. It’s tempting to fill every nook and cranny on the page but fight the urge—the more white space you have on your website, the better. 

It is easy for me to recommend leaving the maximum amount of white space on each page, but I understand what I’m asking you to do – write short and sweet copy that converts. No matter how qualified (or unqualified) you feel to achieve this, I encourage you to try because cutting down on the words will undoubtedly increase your sales metrics.

As long as you make it easy, your audience will love spending time on your website. If you make it busy and confusing, your audience will make a fast exit. Poorly written copy does more than confuse the reader – it affects your brand’s authority. Let me explain…

Less is more

Designers know not to overload their websites with fancypants technologies because they understand how distracting those features can be to readers. The same goes for the words you use to explain your offers. The #1 reason you have a website is to communicate with the masses – remember to keep your copy simple and to the point so your readers can easily navigate your site and quickly understand what you have to offer. 

Clear Copy

Sitting down to write your website copy isn’t the same as writing a creative story, aka it’s not a good time to unleash your witty wordplay. For example, if you’re a brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs get clear on their core values and mission, your copy must reflect that. If it’s confusing or muddled up with a message that’s hard to understand, your brand loses credibility, and you no longer are the authority in your reader’s eyes. You can keep your copy short and sweet by brain dumping everything you want to say, then cutting 50% of the words and then cutting another 50% while keeping your message clear. Never be afraid to kill your darlings.

Organize Your Thoughts

Brain Dump – have you tried it? When you do, you’ll see its a lot like journaling but with the clear intention to inform, then sell. Dumping all your thoughts into a document is the only way you’ll successfully combine the creative side and logical side of your brain. You cannot create something truly unique while simultaneously editing. It’s impossible. Before trying to make sense of everything you’d like to say and how you’d like to say it, get it all out there – then organize.

Getting started

By keeping things simple, writing a clear and concise message, allowing your creative side to shine – the process of writing copy that has each one of those elements comes naturally when you let it. The only time people struggle with the words is when they overthink the process. 

But if you’re unsure how to get started, just know that you have options. One option is to reach out to talk about how you can partner with our team. With the help of our easy-to-fill templates with question prompts, you’ll be well on your way to writing. And if templates don’t help you shake that anxious feeling about getting it right, we can do it all for you. 

Sometimes the best decisions are made after a conversation or two. Book a call with me, and I’ll help you choose which direction is right for you and your business.