In the wild and crazy digital marketing world, there’s a lot of chatter around what an About page should “act as” on a website. Should it be all about you? Should you list your credentials and experiences? Or do you make it all about your audience? Maybe show what your business is all about so they understand how you can better serve your customers. 

I sit in both camps on the subject because I believe an About page should be about your audience, and you.

Here’s a proven formula you can use to build your About page from the ground up: 

Start with the reason your audience is there. You can either hit them in the gut with an insightful statement or simply say, “You’re here because…” then fill in the blank. Learning why people go to your website to learn more about you will involve some market research, but it’s the best way to get inside their heads and into their hearts. 

Next, write a sentence or two about the life your readers would rather be living. You know what they ultimately want because you completed the market research, right? These two sentences help them envision what life could be like if you solved their problem.

Then, introduce yourself. You are their solution to all their problems. Once the reader gets to this point on the page, they’re ready to learn who you are exactly – and I’m not talking about who your license says you are. More times than not, you’ve already solved for others and possibly yourself the very problem they’re going through right now. Don’t be afraid to go into explaining who you are using *show not tell* examples of what type of person you are. 

Example” I’m Lisa, a small business owner who found the best way to increase my leads by 60% while doing the same for a Luxury Spa, Canine Trainer, and even a Law Office in Washington DC. I understand (overwhelmed, busy, chaos) because I’ve been there. But I’m also living proof that it can be done. Here’s how…” 

While you’re telling your story, continue to include nuggets of information that showcase your past experiences – but don’t go into great detail. Leave the deep dive for the sales page. 

Lastly, never skimp on the humor and personality. The moment you make someone smile, you become memorable – and that’s how you get people to take the next step and click “Contact Me.”  

The important thing is, an About page is you telling the reader a story of how you plan to help them transform their situation because of who you are and what you know. Mentioning your personal life goes a long way when trying to resonate with your audience. Getting personal shows your readers you are human, and what it comes down to, humans want to connect with other humans. 

So tell me, how will you draw your reader in and keep them reading the next line? If writing is your nemesis, reach out to myself and the team today. Words are sort of our thing, and we can help you write yours.


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