When it comes to your Instagram profile, there’s not much real estate available – you’re limited in what you can write in your bio, and you’re only allowed one link. I see so many social media accounts on Instagram employing one of two options:

The first option is using the space for a link to something they are offering, and just promoting the one link of the week. They have to change this link often, like whenever they post new content and update it to reflect what is currently happening in their business.

The second option is a free Linktree account that adds a list of links. 

Linktree is what it sounds like – one link that branches out to multiple links. People click one link in your profile, and it opens a few branches (via buttons) that link to different topics that you’re presumably mentioning in your Instagram post. 

Your custom Linktree link can be used anywhere, not just Instagram. Plus, you add them with a simple drag and drop editor – so you don’t need to have any kind of tech knowledge to make it work (or look good). It will also track total link clicks for any link on your Linktree page. And with a paid account, you get more detailed analytics and a few more bonus features.

On the surface, Linktree sounds pretty great, right? 

But I don’t use it. And here’s why you shouldn’t either:

I believe you should maintain control of your content whenever possible. 

If you want a high-quality solution, create a mobile-optimized page on your own website! All it needs to be is super simple and beautiful. You can even make it look better than what Linktree offers… and you’re already paying for your website, so it’s a win-win.

It’s simply not worth the hype, especially when you can accomplish the same outcome with your own website. Some technologies are just shiny objects, and this is one of them. Linktree isn’t bad in and of itself. But why use a third-party software when you can direct your visitors straight to your website? This is where you ultimately want people to land anyway. So start there!

If you create a page on your website, you have full control over the design, layout, and focus. You can create a dynamic and visually beautiful page that features anything you want it to feature! Plus, you can run retargeting ads on Facebook to your website visitors, but you can’t do this on Linktree. The pixel that tracks your visitors landing on your page cannot be put on your Linktree page, so not only are you losing a level of analytics, you are missing a chance to build and engage your audience. 

One thing to remember is that since Instagram is a mobile platform, meaning it’s accessed almost exclusively via cell phone – you want your page to look perfect for a handheld device (and don’t worry about the desktop version). You can check out an example of a customized Instagram here: https://lisamgale.com/welcome/ (note: it should look a little off if you’re on a desktop!)

So while Linktree offers some cool features, you can get all of those features and more, plus full control over it with your own website.

Want to chat about getting your personalized website page designed specifically for your Instagram profile? Shoot me a message at support@lisamgale.com.