Twenty percent of the US population physically cannot stand the word….



Because they associate it with bodily functions.

I’m willing to bet that same percentage of people equally despise another M word… manifest. Did you just vurp? I totally get it… 

Now, I’m not here to hate on people who live by the power of crystals or affirmations. But I am here to clear the air of what it means for someone like me to manifest my goals. 

Let me make one thing clear; I do not manifest. 

I set realistic goals and intentions. I go to great lengths to achieve those goals by taking conscious steps towards increasing my skills, running my business efficiently, yadda-yadda. 

Other company owners who “manifest” do the same thing. They set clear goals and do what it takes to achieve them. 

But the people watching them succeed don’t always see it that way, and that’s a big problem. 

The M-word has become somewhat of a scapegoat for people who want to set big, lofty goals but have no intention of following through. 

Because, from their perspective, manifesting is magic. 

For whatever reason, they have an “if I set it, it will happen” mentality, but that’s not how real life works. 

Even for the guru who started the manifesting trend – that person used strategy to reach the top. Everyone does. 

That’s not to say your big lofty goals can’t come true – you’ve still got to set a clear intention, make a plan, and follow-through.

Now, there are two types of goals; large and small. Large scale goals are set for the next 1-5 years, and small scale goals are set for the next 3-12 months.

When you’re setting your goals, there are a few areas that are important to focus on. 

Personal goals: For those of you running a business, it’s essential to incorporate personal goals with your business goals. Because, let’s get real – as business owners, there is no such thing as separation between our personal life and business.

Broad business goals: In addition to highly detailed goals with exact steps and milestones, setting long-term and overall business goals sets the tone for your growth. Do you want to grow your team? Create a new service? Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

That’s where I come in. Setting dream goals, then putting them into motion is why Lisa Gale exists! 

This is how I do it: 

  1. Decide your goal and write it down.
  2. Reverse engineer how you’re going to achieve it. If you don’t know where to begin, reach out to someone who’s done it before *cough* ME *cough* 
  3. Break down each step down to the week, then to the day, and when you’re ready, the hour. Don’t get overwhelmed with this – you’re establishing how you spend each day working towards your goals, that’s all.  
  4. Set realistic milestones and timelines. 
  5. Take action AKA get to work! Adjust when you need to, then move on. 

More times than not, you’ll fly through the goal-setting process if you bring an outside perspective into the mix. 

Why? Because it’s not uncommon to be ‘too close to see the trees’, especially when you’re standing in a forest of possibilities. 

If you’ve been working hard to manifest your dreams, and by working hard I mean trying to avoid the how (trying really hard not to roll my eyes), let’s talk. 

Setting up a plan, and knowing how you’re going to spend the workday is the best way to achieve those big, lofty goals and the short term ones too. 

And yes, continue doing your affirmations and using your crystals. Belief in your abilities to achieve is just as important as following through. Click here to book a call!