When’s the last time you brushed up on trends? No, I’m not talking about the latest dance trends on tik tok… I mean marketing trends! It’s so important to keep up to date on the ever-changing and evolving world of online marketing! 

Video Content

How much of it have you incorporated into your marketing efforts? If you just whispered, ‘none’, I’ve got two questions for you: 

One, why not? Didn’t you know that last year video content was officially crowned king and literally everyone was using it – as posts, in ads, their emails, and even text. It’s a trend, not a fad – and video isn’t going away. 

Two, when would you like to begin? Today? Perfect. 

So… what’s the big deal with video. Well aside from its attention-grabbing tendencies, it’s also easy for your customer to consume and entertaining as all get out. 

I absolutely get that not every business has a budget for video marketing, but there’s an easy fix to that reason – and it starts with the F word. 

Free. What F word were you thinking of? There are a slew of easy-to-use sites that offer FREE videos for just about anyone to download, plus hundreds of other options if you choose to splurge and pay the premium price (which is still less expensive than creating your own). 

In a world of overstimulation, you’ve got to go to great lengths to stop your reader’s scroll and this is how you’re going to do it:

  • Go to Canva, Pexels, or Pixabay
  • Download some free content 
  • Pair with great copy 
  • Then sit back and watch the conversions roll in

That’s exactly what I do for my clients and my tiny but mighty business. 

Look, I’ve been in the digital marketing game for years, have seen more bad ads and content than I can count but can also spot a hot trend when I see it. So I’ll say it again; video isn’t going anywhere. 

In fact, it’s becoming an even bigger deal because more and more companies who come up with witty monologues or shorty videos are getting better and better at storytelling. Recently, our family was featured in a video – you can watch it here – done by the amazing team at Cumberland Creative for a local ice cream store. 

You can spot that one time I let my son cut his hair into a mohawk memorialized in this video 

* Am I a cool mom now?! *

But the point is, that video has jumped into the driver seat of their marketing machine and has boosted their sales, brand awareness and put them on the map! It’s amazing what a good video can do – especially when it’s telling a story. Now, let’s shift gears. 

Here’s another trend you should definitely look into: No Click Searches

Google is now featuring the answer to your google search right in the search page. Stop being so intuitive, Google! 

Typically, Google would display a list of urls you can click through to find the answer to your question. Now, Google is displaying a snippet of the answer in a box at the top, called Position Zero. 


How do you land in the Position Zero spot? By making sure your Google My Business page is up to date. It’s an easy step to complete and makes a world of difference. So next time someone searches for a local business, you quite possibly could be the one that appears as patient zero * I mean Position Zero *. Don’t want to confuse those two phrases in today’s world. 

Last trend: Moving everything ONLINE. I mean, everything. 

Surprise! COVID19 has changed the way we shop, interact, and meet. Possibly forever (although I truly hope not!).

Online video conferencing was once only for the “computer savvy”. Now 3 years olds know how to ‘get on’ with their teachers. God, save us. 

While some of these new technologies are never going to replace the old way things worked, some businesses have been so creative that people don’t want to go back to the “old way”! 

Brick and mortar businesses got creative, adapted to deliver services and products so their customers would continue buying, and so on. 

I mean, have you shopped online for groceries yet? I sure as heck have and it’s amazing. What about Telehealth? Shoot, that’s very popular as well. Between virtual meetings, delivery services, and subscriptions every business that has moved online – and it’s doing it right – is still alive and kicking.  What trends have you noticed in your industry? You could comment below or just call me. I’d love to chat trends with you and figure out how we can use them to your advantage. Don’t be left in the dust – book your call today!