When the person helping you with your website asked for your ‘copy,’ did you have the slightest idea what that was? Its OK if you didn’t because not many people outside the designer/writer world do. 

It wouldn’t surprise me that once you knew what the designer was looking for, you panicked just a bit… what will you write?

Getting your site up and running is essential to your success, so there’s no time to waste. But if you don’t know where to even start, sitting down to type out your mission, services, credentials are about as painful as a root canal. 

You think, “no wonder people hire professionals to write this.”

I hear ya. But let me simplify the writing process for you, so when your designer or tech-savvy BFF asks for your words, you hand them something amazing. 

Always start at the top with your menu items. You’ll undoubtedly have the standard pages: Home, About, Contact – but let’s figure out how many services pages you’ll have. 

You do have the option to put your services all on one page, but if you offer more than two, using one page can become overwhelming for the reader to scroll through – I recommend you separate your offers. Another reason to create separate pages per service – there may be one high ticket offer you want to be known for and promote. Keeping it apart helps it stand out. 

Either way, remember if the page is too big or confusing – you’ll lose the reader. If you create one or more services pages into bite-size, you’re far more likely to retain the reader to the end. 

Next, we need to talk about your Homepage. Your services page(s) will ultimately be viewed as your ‘sales’ vehicle, but your Homepage is the real reason people buy. 

No pressure, but your Home page is the one that draws the reader’s attention towards what you do and is the true selling point – aka it gives them a reason to stay on your site and keep reading.

The good news is writing your Homepage is mostly done. All you have to do is think about how you’d explain what transformation or changes you offer – and put it into simple phrases. Don’t overthink it! And less is more.  

For example, a copywriter’s Home page might say, “We Talk, I Write, You Make Money,” then go into why someone might be looking for a copywriter, to begin with. Or a digital marketing agency would say, “Continue to scale without losing your sanity” and follow the same persuasive reasons as to why you need someone like her.  

Lastly, think about the ultimate call to action (CTA) you want your readers to make while visiting your site. Do you want them to call you? Complete a form? Buy now? Whatever you choose, be sure each page has a clear CTA at the bottom of the page and make it easy to complete! 

Does writing your copy still feel overwhelming? Let’s chat, and I’ll break down how my team can help you clearly define your brand through persuasive copy that converts. Book a complimentary consultation here