There’s nothing more exhilarating than a fresh start. A new year, a new semester, a new day. The possibilities seem endless when everything is new. That was the case for this website transformation. My client was experiencing some pretty big changes in her business and needed changes pretty quickly.





Client goals

Heather came to me because she needed a full rebrand. Her business was going to have a new name and an updated look. We created a new website that reflected her new business and rebranded her entire online presence. We had a hard deadline of two weeks to finalize everything and were able to meet her deadline while making everything look professional and sleek. Some of the important aspects of this transformation were to make sure it felt fresh, modern, clean and attractive.

She needed a full rebrand across all digital channels and every online listing. We were able to update everything quickly and make a full business name, website domain and branding switch!

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