Seed Social Monthly Content Planner

You’re here because you have a business to run. You are busy doing actual work and don’t have time for creating social media content.

You also might not be ready to hire a marketing team. Maybe you haven’t found your online voice or you aren’t sure what you would want to post, if anything?

What you need to do instead is stop overthinking social media. Consistency is key on social media – not perfection. Social media is a relationship and a conversation with your current and future buyers. It doesn’t have to be extra polished. You can have some fun with it!

Hi! 👋 I’m Lisa and I help businesses improve their online presence to attract buyers. I do this because social media posts are the last to-do on your list. But maybe you want to move them up as a priority for 20201? We all know that everyone and their grandmother are online! So let’s get you online as well.

Let’s face it: A social media strategy that involves creating social media posts one at a time “when the mood strikes” never works out very well. If that’s your current strategy, you’re probably frustrated at how time-consuming social media creation is!

So here’s what I have for you. A free content calendar for 2021. 49 pages of planning for the upcoming year. Want to get serious about posting regularly in 2021?

You need this 👇

🔴 2021 Seed Social Content Planner 🔴 

Print this out, and once a month, draft up your social media post ideas.

This printable calendar will help you organize your social media goals, thoughts and ideas, and it will help you get into the habit of posting regularly. With 4 categories of post ideas, you can educate, entertain and grow your audience online.