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Elements of a Gold Standard Newsletter

In a past article, The Art of Staying in Touch, I highlighted the importance of staying in touch via email with your prospects, network and existing clients. If you haven’t yet, go check out that article to see why email marketing is absolutely worth your time. While...

Grow Your Online Reviews on Autopilot

Automation for a busy entrepreneur is always a win. However, in a world of automation, we have to be very careful not to completely dehumanize our business. On one hand, automation is vital because it’s important to free up our time so that we can focus our energy on...

Online Reviews: The Achilles Heel of Every Local Business

Disgruntled clients. We’ve all experienced them. From time to time, an individual will have a negative experience with your business for one reason or another. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the experience, that negative review is now out there in the...

Encourage Action on Your Website with These Tips

Recently, I gave away an in-depth website audit and consultation to an independent bookstore. After reviewing her site, I noticed that the entire site is very passive. It provided information much like a business card would, and then left it at that. So, the theme of...

The Art of Staying in Touch

Talk to any marketing expert and they’ll all have their own special list of marketing efforts that you must implement (like yesterday) in order to have a successfully growing business. Some will prioritize paid advertising. Some will prioritize local networking. Some...

Creating a Consistent Flow of Content on Social Media

Consistency is key in most areas of life, but especially when it comes down to content marketing.  You can be posting extremely interesting, unique, & high-value content whenever you find time to do so, but if it isn’t consistent..well, it isn’t going to be...

Consistent Blogging for the Busy CEO

As a busy CEO of your business, you have multiple responsibilities to guarantee everything runs as smoothly as possible for you and your team. It can definitely be a challenge to stay on top of everything yourself so there will probably be some things that fall off to...

What to Include in Your Editorial Calendar for Consistent Blogging

By now, most of the digital world understands the massive value a blog can bring to your website. Which is why the majority of websites you visit will have one, regardless of the type of business they’re running. Bakeries, shoe stores, or marketing agencies alike can...

How to use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

It’s 2019, and we all know that a social media presence is not an option for our business anymore, but an absolute necessity. We all recognize the importance of creating high-quality content that our target audience will both value and enjoy. I mean, people literally...

Finding the Right Social Media Channel for your Business

When it comes to busy entrepreneur life, our social media accounts can often be the last item on our to-do lists.  But wouldn't it feel amazing if you were getting engagement on your account, leads from your social media efforts, and business growth was increasing as...

Partner with our team to expertly craft your message and continued vision for your practice. Our team utilizes a combination of tools at our disposal to apply only best practices to your business. If you can dream it, we can build it, along with a professional and beautiful design.

We also guide your business toward growth by implementing marketing strategies that work. Let us take care of the details and support your vision for your business.

Growth happens here.

If you’re looking to partner with someone who can take your business to the next level, look no further than Lisa Gale.  She has more than exceeded our expectations in helping our business grow.  Her insight, experience, intuitiveness, and her abilities to understand the needs of our large corporation has made her invaluable to us. She totally redesigned our website for maximum efficiency. As a result, we have more web traffic than ever.  Everyone loves our “21st Century” website now.  Lisa is clear, confident, and takes a common sense approach to our situations. Moreover, she is extremely organized and just an amazing person to want to partner with. Lisa is hands down the total package to help you get your business to the next level.

Scott Respess, Controller
Logics LLC

I was LOST! I was fumbling around paying way too much money to get help with social media and presentations with no real return on my investment. Work with Lisa is exciting and she always makes me feel good about my developmental areas. She inspires me. Lisa is awesome. Easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable. Lisa is energetic, affable, dependable, reliable and well worth the investment. Now, more people are connecting with me, I am growing my email list and my business connections are growing. I am proud of the work my audience is now seeing. Lisa is friendly and easy to work with and I love that she allows me to bounce ideas off of her. She is very positive energetic and motivating.

Dr. Maggie Sizer, PhD
On Track Coaching

Prior to working with Lisa, my business was chaotic. My Social Media was ineffective and unfocused. I had no idea what I was doing with my digital marketing. Lisa knew exactly what I needed.  When I spoke to Lisa initially, she was extremely confident in her abilities, she was quick to access my situation and came to the table with an effective and efficient game plan. My experiences working with Lisa continue. No matter what my goal or objective is, Lisa has the ability to take the project and deliver. She surpasses my expectations every time. Since Lisa has begun, 10 months ago, my firm has grown by approximately 40%. The growth was so incredible, I was forced to hire 3 individuals to help me with the workload.  I recommend Lisa to everyone of my clients that are serious about taking their business to the next level. I consider Lisa as my firms greatest asset. She has continually delivered and beat all of my expectations. Working with Lisa is fun. She has an uncanny ability to save me from myself. I have learned to trust her instincts and here approach. She is professional yet very enjoyable in her interactions. She is humorous, witty and incredible smart. Great at her craft.

Stephen Wallick, EA, MST
Tax Accountant

“It only took Lisa a couple of minutes to look through my website and point out that my business strategy had major holes in it—holes that would cost me revenue and growth. Our Strategy Intensive session changed the trajectory of my startup and I know I can confidently look back and say that was the day my business changed forever.

I answered a couple of the questions on my own and I didn’t realize how inaccurate my answers were until I met face to face with Lisa!

Please, if you’re serious about growing your business (and want your mind blown), do NOT answer these questions by yourself. Invest in your business and purchase the one-on-one intensive with Lisa!”

Ande Truman, Owner

“I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to partner with an expert for optimal business results. Your stress level will thank you.” – Patti

I knew that I needed support, someone who understood the coaching industry and systems needed. I finally plucked up my courage and posted a request for referrals on FB and immediately I was introduced to Lisa Gale. Within one week Lisa proved her competence, passion and reliability beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, I simply cannot see my business continue to grow without Lisa! I highly recommend Lisa. Her creativity combined with practicality makes her the perfect right-hand woman when you need someone who ‘gets’ you. Don’t hesitate! Book her consulting call.

Anel Bester

Our spa business website was in need of a facelift and Lisa was amazing in helping us create exactly what we were looking for! I feel our new website has us more organized, clients can easily navigate through it & it has already helped us in generating more business! Lisa is amazing to work with and so glad we found her! We will definitely be using her services again!

Jennifer McHale
Traveling Tranquility Spa

Our experience working with Lisa was wonderful! She went above and beyond to help us build our business website. She creates beautiful work and has great attention to detail. We would highly recommend Lisa to anyone!

Justin and Linzy Tidwell
Landscapes by Tidwell

“She takes the time to get to know the feel of your overall plan—and puts it into practice with marketing, client emails and promotions that I would create myself if I had the time (or skill 😉). She performs these tasks—her genius work, allowing me the space to perform mine.”


– Rebekah

Working with Lisa was wonderful. She provided a beautiful website and captured the vision I had for the website almost instantly. She was extremely easy to work with and is truly a delight to work with! I now have a beautiful, professional website that receives very positive reviews from clients.

Julie Anderson, Attorney
Owner, Trinity Elder Law

Lisa M. Gale was my top executive assistant for a number of years at a major metropolitan engineering firm. The workload there was always high-pressure and demanding. Everything she did had to be error-free, because in that environment even a small mistake could cost millions of dollars. She never failed us. No matter how difficult the task, we never found anything she couldn’t handle. Lisa M. Gale was not only the finest assistant I ever had, she was the best in the entire company. I give her my highest possible recommendation.

-Chas Langelan, H. C. Langelan, Prof LS (Ret)

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