I love testing new software and tools. I get a little distracted when a brand new software hits the scene and claims to save you time and help you become more productive. To save YOU that time researching and finding the best tools, I’m sharing 5 of our favorite tools that we use as a team. And, they’re all free!

These tools help us to stay organized and move our projects forward without breaking the bank. No more missed deadlines. No more balls dropped. 

Tool #1: Asana – Manage all of your projects in one place. You can set deadlines, add team members, add instructions, comments, upload graphics and files. It’s a one-stop-shop to manage your entire business!

Tool #2: Mailchimp – I’ve always been a fan of growing my business economically. Most businesses can do very well with the free option of Mailchimp for sending out regular emails to your list of customers and prospects. Over time, you might need to upgrade, but to get started, it’s a great option. 

Tool #3: Canva – Want to create beautiful graphics? Canva is loaded with templates that you can edit using your brand colors, stock images or photos of you and your work. Or you can create custom graphics from scratch. 

Tool #4: Slack – Between texts from family and friends, my important business-related messages get buried. We use the Slack messaging tool to communicate important business related work so that we never lose an important message again.

Tool #5: Coschedule Email Subject Line Tester – The subject line of your email newsletter or campaign is the most important. You can get more opens by quickly testing variations of your subject line and pick the best performer. Here’s the score of a few subject lines I tested for a recent newsletter!

  • Here’s What My Team Uses Everyday 👀 – Score 51
  • Here’s What My Team Uses Everyday – Score 53
  • My Favorite Tools That Save Me Time Everyday – Score 47
  • Save Time With These 5 Marketing Tools We Use Everyday – Score 49
  • The winner was the subject line for this blogpost! The 5 Tools My Team Uses Everyday – 54!

Bonus Tool: Frase.io – This one didn’t make the list because it’s fairly new to me. But I’m already loving it enough to share it with you. You type in your keyword and it pulls content from all over the internet so you can get writing fast! 

What is the one tool you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below!