Talk to any marketing expert and they’ll all have their own special list of marketing efforts that you must implement (like yesterday) in order to have a successfully growing business.

  • Some will prioritize paid advertising.
  • Some will prioritize local networking.
  • Some will prioritize content marketing.

And none of them would be technically wrong, or right. All of these marketing methods might be the perfect option for any given business. 

But, let’s say you had to focus your attention on just one marketing effort that would yield the highest ROI. Then what should you do?

Two words: email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is pretty simple. It’s the act of sending an email to pretty much any prospective, current, or past customers/clients.

The reason it is so effective is because of how highly-targeted it is.

Think about it: these people are already present in your email lists for a reason. They are interested in whatever it is you’re doing or selling and they actively signed up to receive more information about it.

And depending on where/how they signed up, you already have crucial information on what exactly it is that they’re interested in.

For example: A new user stumbles across your website and signs up to your home-page pop-up form that advertises a “Free Legal Guide on Business Startups”.

Following the sign-up, the user should then automatically be added to your “Social Media” or more specifically, “Startups” email list. That way, any time you have new courses, products, or offerings related to new startups, you can easily send information to the list that is most likely going to purchase it!

Cool, right? 

Cool, easy, and extremely vital for your business.

As you grow your business, these lists will grow – both in size and value. It’s so important to start building your email lists from the very beginning and segmenting them in a way that will benefit and build a strong foundation for your email marketing efforts down the line.

Email Marketing Statistics

Let’s explore some of the statistics behind email marketing and just how it is so effective..

Even with the explosion of new technology, marketers keep coming back to email. The reason is clear: For ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI [1].

When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.

72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.

Want to read more about how your email list will interact with your content? You can read a list of full stats here:

Crazy, right? Crazy that not everyone is focusing more of their budget and efforts on email marketing.

Well, hopefully, now we’ve at least convinced you of the importance of having an active email marketing strategy in place for your business. 

Still not sure where to start?

We’re experts on creating content. This is what we specialize in. From researching and writing email marketing strategies and sequences, and getting your content out in front of the world so they know that you are the go-to expert. 

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