I am getting ready to homeschool my four children this upcoming year. I’ve been talking with other parents who chose to do the same, and one topic keeps coming up – the fact that we do not need to be isolated on our own islands. 

Suppose my family banded together with a handful of other homeschooling families in my area. In that case, we could build something wonderful this year – and that’s exactly what I intend to do. 

So, I joined a homeschool co-op of 20 other families and will be teaching a Business Finance course, which is right up my alley.

Operating your business is no different. While you can do it all and completely isolate yourself from outside help, you don’t have to. 

I’m not sure when the solo-entrepreneur trend took off, but I can tell you, I was not there for that malarkey. Sure, you could do it all, but why would you want to? It’s impossible to be good at everything in your business. And when things pick up, how do you plan to grow? Doing it alone isn’t the answer. Teamwork is. 

If you’re still apprehensive about putting together some sort of posse to divide and conquer, picture this… you’re standing at the end of a soccer field. You have the task of kicking multiple soccer balls down to the other end simultaneously. The problem is, there are six soccer balls total, and they’re spread across the width of the field. How are you going to do that simultaneously? It’s simple -you can’t. 

The same situation undoubtedly will happen in your business. As you progress, you included more moving parts, but each movement needs your attention. You can’t keep your eye on the ball (see what I did there) and continue to add more moving parts that are crucial to your success. 

Outsourcing or delegating tasks is smart, especially if you want to survive past the first year. 

Here are some things that frequently need to be outsourced that you should consider removing from your plate:

Your website

It’s a technical task that if you’re not familiar with the specific technology, with rob you of hours or maybe even days. Save your precious CEO time and ask for an expert to give you a hand.

Digital software management 

Again, your precious time is better spent working with your clients rather than setting up software. If you’re not already an expert, pass down the line! The last thing you want is for something to go wrong because you DIYed essential software. 

Client Onboarding Processes

If you’re not ready to let this one go yet, I understand. But you should consider asking a VA or assistant to help you onboard a new client. As you grow, your systems will too. Its a lot of busy work inputting information. If you need to, hang onto the kick-off call but delegate the rest. 

Customer Service

This isn’t for larger businesses with a vast number of customers, but more for the small business who has a client number under ten. Asking someone to help manage customer requests or complaints decreases the number of times you get interrupted from projects you need to be focused on. 

It’s essential to be involved in your business – but you don’t need to be the only person capable of keeping the ball moving down the field. Bringing on a team that understands your business and can successfully replicate your voice not only saves you time, but it also gives you room to grow! And that’s what we all want, right? If you’re searching for a team that covers all the bases, I’ve already done the hard work for you! Let’s have a virtual coffee date to discuss your needs, and maybe swap a few homeschool stories if you’ve got any.