At some point, we’ve all struggled with what to post online. Unless you were born with the Instagram influencer gene, showcasing your daily life can not only feel awkward but also take too much time to put together than its worth. 

Don’t worry, I feel you. While attending events and networking meetings, I’m the woman at the table not flipping my camera around for a quick pic – I despise taking selfies to share later. It just feels unnatural. 

For those of us who’d rather not document our days/lives via smartphone, here are 7 content ideas for your social media accounts.

Memes about your profession

These are the ultimate inside jokes that people in your field will understand. Plus, because they’re funny and relatable, they’ll also get shared between friends! Every profession has a common enemy and a meme for that – for example, a law student’s enemy is the bar exam. For freelancers, it’s meetings that could have been an email. And if you’re working from home, there are a million jokes about not wearing pants. So think about what it is for your audience, and post a meme!

Your passions

What’s your passion outside of work? While a lot of us are passionate about our business, it’s not the only thing we care about! Do you love spending time with your family? Cooking a tasty meal at home? Traveling to a new destination? Posting about these passions will help build your personal brand. People connect to other people who have their heart invested in something and have a personality, so don’t hold back and share your passion on your profile.


Take a trip through your inbox and search for compelling questions. The questions you are being asked by current and potential clients are exactly what you should address on social media. Especially because your followers may be thinking about those questions, but be afraid to ask. You can edit the responses for a text post, but if you have a few minutes for a quick video, go live on your Facebook account!


Share your favorite people and products. You can promote other experts on your account to share their knowledge with your audience, especially if they have a specialty that’s related to your business. Maybe you’re bringing tax documents to your accountant and love the work they do — let everyone know who you recommend! Have a favorite local restaurant? Share away. Did you get lost in a good Netflix show or Podcast lately? Do tell! People love recommendations, and it also helps people get to know you and relate if they have the same favorites.

Ask a question

Social media is a two-way street. Want to get on a podcast? Ask your audience what podcasts they listen to! You’ll get great feedback and maybe even find a new favorite of your own. You can even try starting a friendly debate for engagement, like asking, dogs or cats? Early bird or night owl? Chocolate or vanilla? But whatever you do, don’t ask if it’s a “bubbler or drinking fountain”. These may seem like basic topics, but you’ll get a ton of engagement – and it’s fun!

Share a win

Did you recently help a client or friend out and reap great results? Share your win! You know what would make that even better? Ask them to write a testimonial or do a case study interview live or recorded. People connect with results, especially if there is a real person on the other end confirming the success and singing your praises.

Share a loss

Most people post their highlight reels, so vulnerability goes a long way in today’s social media culture. Did your child draw their name in sharpie on your wall while you were busy feeding the baby? No? Okay, maybe that was just me. But there is no faster way to someone’s heart than sharing a #fail – you could use this as inspiration ?. 

Next time you’re feeling stumped, remember this list. You don’t have to be constantly posting photos and your daily activities to have content. So tell me, what will you post about next?