Email marketing is more popular than ever, with 69 percent of businesses investing both time and money in it. But even the best marketing message is wasted if you don’t have anyone on the other end to read it. Growing an email mailing list can be an ongoing challenge, but luckily there are a few things you can do to speed things along.

Create a Lead Magnet

You’ve likely seen a lead magnet created by other businesses. With a lead magnet, you offer a reward to customers who provide an email address. They are opting in to receive an informative book or article, at which point you can capture their email address and use it to market to them in the future. If that information is relevant and interesting, they’ll likely stick around. Get started creating your lead magnet with this amazing resource.

Personalize Your Messages

If you receive an email marketing message directly targeted to your own interests, are you more likely to read it? If so, you aren’t the only one. Personalized email marketing campaigns drive 18 times more revenue, which makes the extra investment worth it. Many email marketing solutions now allow you to segment your email lists. For instance, you may send one email to current clients and another to those who contacted you but never followed through.

Encourage Shares

Success in email marketing is largely reliant on your ability to create engaging content. Instead of promoting your business, consider crafting informative newsletters that offer value to your audience. At the end of each email, invite readers to share your newsletter, either through social media or by forwarding it to a friend.

Capture Exiting Visitors

Although current customers are an easy addition to your email lists, your content is even more valuable to those who haven’t yet made a purchase. As visitors leave your website, you can take one last shot at keeping them around by inviting them to sign up for your email list. Make sure you do this in a way that doesn’t disrupt the customer experience. If you use a pop-up box, avoid putting it on every single page and just have it show up once or twice per visit.

As you add people to your email marketing list, make sure you research the CAN-SPAM Rule and follow all regulations. This means an unsubscribe link must be included in every message and when a customer asks to opt out of future messages, that removal must happen as soon as possible. In addition to avoiding costly penalties, following anti-spam requirements will help you avoid alienating the very customers you’re trying to win.

Email growth strategies vary from industry to industry. If you need help brainstorming ideas for an offer that will be attractive to your potential buyers, let’s talk!