How comfortable are you with marketing your business online? Digital marketing has become a major component of modern-day business strategies, and if it’s not part of yours, it should be. 

Social media, email, websites, and mobile apps – they’re all under the digital marketing umbrella, and learning how to use them to your advantage is vital to your success. 

Digital advertising does more than increase your visibility. It legitimizes your business, gives your brand a more in-depth personality, and makes it 10X easier for your audience to buy. Plus, getting out there in a variety of ways using digital marketing is something you can start today. The only thing it could cost you is a sliver of your time. 

If you’re still getting used to the idea of using Facebook or email to market, start with one of these three digital marketing strategies: 

Content Marketing

Brain-dump all your thoughts into your digital notepad, then string together the words to create relevant and valuable messages for your audience to devour. Listen, you may think you’ve got ‘nothing to say’ or you’re boring, but that’s not true. Leading companies pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into content marketing every month because it’s this type of content that drives customers to take action. Do you think Pepsi always has an ultra-engaging human interest piece ready to roll? No. The majority of their content is lighthearted and casual – the kind of content everyday readers connect with. 

Social Media Marketing

But the aLgOriThm! First of all, that excuse is so 2016. There are ways around the dreaded algorithm, and it doesn’t involve hiring an IT professional. The biggest factor in successfully marketing your business using Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Toc is your ability to know what your audience would be interested in reading and showing up where they hang out. Once you understand what your audience cares about and are using a platform they use too, you’re good to go. Also, for every post you write, make sure 2/3 of them are focused on sales. You’re a business – never be afraid to sell!

Speaking Engagements

If you’ve ever dreamed of saying “Hello! And welcome to my TedTalk.” to a packed audience instead of your bathroom mirror, you’ll love speaking engagements. Marketing yourself as a speaker is an excellent way of spreading the word about what you do and how you help others. Although most in-person sessions are canceled, there are plenty of opportunities to speak on a local or national stage thanks to technology. Virtual engagements are still looking for speakers to present, and that speaker could be you!   

If you genuinely do not have a free minute to dedicate to digital marketing, don’t worry because you could promote your business using paid advertising. But before you hit that “Boost” button on your Facebook post, save yourself time and money by breezing through my FREE digital marketing guide.


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