How many times has this happened to you? You meet with a potential client or customer and things are going great. They’re attentive, interested and you feel as though you’re on fire. They’re going to purchase, you know it. Then you say that final phrase “When would you like to start?”

Suddenly, silence. It’s time that you’ve gotten to the commitment stage of the conversation and the way that buyers react to this stage can tell you a lot about who they are as a person and if they will ever be a potential customer or one of those “I’ll get back to you in a few months” type of people.

 Everyone’s purchasing personality is a bit different. You have the quick thinker who has been sold before you even started and didn’t need time to think about it and then you have the careful and more thought out buyers who need to weigh their options, budget and think a bit before they make a decision.

Don’t count the thoughtful customer out just yet, oftentimes the thoughtful customer becomes your best and longest buyer – why? Because they thought about the purchase and were truly committed.

If they need time to think about their purchase, that doesn’t mean that you forget about them or toss them into the NO pile. They haven’t said no yet. It’s best to create a system to nurture slow buyers and convince them of your value.

Create an Automated Sequence

Creating a follow up sequence will help nurture the buyer and keep you and your company top of mind. By creating the sequence and automating it – you don’t have to do any more of the work and let the sequence work its magic. If the customer has any questions, you can jump in and provide the answer but it’s one of the easiest ways to turn a slow buyer into a lifetime client.

Send Out Newsletters

If they haven’t purchased yet it doesn’t mean they said no, it means maybe, and you don’t give up on a maybe. Sending them newsletters about your business or providing value will help them see that you know what you’re doing are knowledgeable and keep you at the forefront of their mind. How many other businesses are providing them with value before getting their money? Likely none.

Be Active on Social Media

This serves two purposes, one is again, keeping your business top of mind and the second is so that if the buyer wants a second opinion from a friend or family member, your social media channels are available for them to take a look. If you have reviews on your Facebook Page or website, that will also help positively reinforce your business.

Send Resources

If there are a few free resources that you think the client or customer could use – send them over. Thinking about them and providing good customer service without expecting anything in return will help showcase your character and it goes along way in a client’s books. It might also be the push they need to finally sign.

Reach Out Personally

When someone is on the fence about purchasing, they are usually on the fence about the person and the company and not the actual product. Sales is 80% who you are and 20% what you sell. By reaching out personally and taking time to answer their questions and address their concerns it adds a level of personal communication that we are seriously lacking in today’s society.

Dealing with slow buyers can be agonizing and they won’t always buy but by taking the tips above and putting them into action you will see an increase in buyers and it could also convenience them to take less time choosing your company over the competitor. Think about how you would like to be treated when making a big purchase and treat your customers accordingly.