We talk about this a lot, but that’s because it’s the truth – your customers are the foundation of your business. Without them, you have no business.

Building strong and loyal customer relationships is what will keep your company afloat.

Why then do most businesses fail to set up a proper customer relationship management (CRM) system from the very start? This is most likely because they simply don’t understand the value.

What is a CRM?

By definition, a customer relationship management (CRM) is a software used for managing all your client (or prospective client) relationships and all interactions with them.

However, a CRM does so much more than it sounds. It is also responsible for streamlining processes and improving efficiency and professionalism within all your client interactions. CRM systems are beneficial to pretty much every department – from marketing to sales to customer service. As an entrepreneur, you really need to understand the importance of getting a CRM in place from the beginning!

How do CRM’s help you make sales?

CRM’s not only keep you on top of your current client relationships, but they also help you land more clients and make more sales!


CRM’s streamline the entire sales process. Meaning, sales people can spend less time focusing on lead follow-up and more time on lead generation. CRM’s easily send you reminders for when you need to check-in with a prospect or even send automated follow-ups if that’s what you choose to do!

How do CRM’s keep you organized?

CRM’s help keep you organized in so many ways! They are essentially a storage space to keep all departments up-to-date on clients, prospects, campaigns, and more. They also help you manage time by prioritizing tasks and keeping in touch with clients for you so that you aren’t scrambling to remember who exactly you were supposed to check in with today.

Most importantly, CRM’s cut down majorly on time spent performing admin tasks. Even though it might seem like small, repetitive tasks aren’t cutting into your day too much – time adds up. And your time is valuable, right?

CRM Software by Industry

There definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to CRM’s. There are so many out there each with their own benefits but there a few especially effective for small businesses:

Small Businesses

  • Zoho offers a wide variety of plans for different levels of businesses, making it great for someone just starting out! It has a ton of awesome marking and sales features that help improve efficiency to grow your business.
  • Hubspot is unique in that it has a CRM version that is completely free! The free version contains all of the necessary parts of a normal CRM and can be a great platform to get started with.
  • Salesforce is probably the most popular of all CRM’s and it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of it before. Salesforce can get pretty pricey, but luckily it has a plan that is perfect for small business owners as well!

Want to learn more about getting a CRM system setup for your business so you can sit back, relax, and focus on what you do best? Well, lucky for you, this is our specialty! Contact us today for a consultation!