What a weird problem to have, I thought… 

After my client asked, “Now that I have so much time, what can I be doing to bolster our marketing efforts while you are working on improving our online presence?” I had a slew of tasks she could do, which probably made her regret uttering those words. 

Time is precious, especially yours. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that every action you take moves the business forward. No pressure, right?!

So after you hire a digital marketing team, you might wonder too… how should you be spending your time? 

For a moment, you could do nothing, but basking in the glow of anti-action only lasts so long because let’s face it, you hired them for a reason. You’re busy!

Here’s how you can make the most out of all that extra time hiring a team can allow you: 

First: Think about how you connected with your best and favorite clients? How can you turn that into a process to attract more clients just like them? There’s an entire process of acquiring clients you have yet to uncover. Now that you’ve more time on your hands, break down how and why people find you – then monetize it. 

Second: What online forums can you be answering questions in or meeting with people who are potential clients to create new relationships? Also known as, get out there and mingle! The two benefits to doing this are, your clients will always know you, and you will always know your clients. Just as your offer will evolve and grow, your customer’s priorities will change or shift – staying in contact with them ensures you’re always in the know. 

Third: Create relationships with referral partners — people who are not in the same industry as you but serve similar clients. Remember when I said, “don’t rely on referrals only”? Well, I meant that but creating relationships isn’t the same thing. For instance, a great referral partner for me would be an accountant because they’re likely to know businesses who would benefit from working with me but isn’t a direct competitor. 

Fourth: Spend some time rubbing elbows with people in relevant Facebook groups or Reddit threads. But I must warn you to set a timer – you’d be surprised how many budding business owners I’ve lost to the depth of those places because they’re just so darn addicting! Forums, social media platforms or groups have their place in your market research and brand building… but not hours worth. 

Fifth and final: Guest blog posts. Now that you’ve got extra time to think, you’re likely to have a lot to say! Right? Offer to write a guest blog for your referral partner’s site and vice versa. Not only does this open a door for you to flex your expertise muscle, but it also gives your referral partner a low friction way to introduce you to their audience. It’s a win-win! 

Now make sure to repurpose that content by sharing it with the team, chunking out bits and pieces for your social media accounts, newsletters, and more! So many ways to continue building your business after hiring a digital marketing team 😉 

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