In today’s episode of “This or That,” we’re going to compare what it’s like to work with a Digital Marketing Agency versus a Remote Marketing Team. Such a hot topic, I know. 

Ok, here me out. I’m willing to bet you’d love a little help posting on social media, emailing your list, and creating your business’ content plan. 

Can you imagine how much extra time you’d have if you didn’t have to do everything? The thought of another body coming into your small business bubble to lighten your load is both intoxicating and scary – like more horror movies our parents forbid us to watch. 

What if [whoever you hire] doesn’t ‘get’ what I’m all about? 

How will [that person] pretend to be me online? 

I’m not sure I trust anyone to do what I do…

For many small business owners, their business is an extension of themselves. And those fears? They’re valid because how in the world is a stranger going to step inside your shoes without your audience noticing? It is possible, as long as you find the right person. 

Picture this… you’re on the hunt for someone to take over writing for your social accounts, but also scale your business and attract new customers. So you head to Google and type in “social media manager” to find someone to consult.

Instead of getting individual people in your search results, you see agency after agency. Is hiring an agency really what you want? Or a better question is, are you willing to pay for all kinds of services you don’t need just to get the one? *hard NO*. 

Here’s my recommendation – if you’re a small business and know you need help with content or emails or customer retention, consult with a remote marketing team.  

Unlike agencies, remote marketing teams pull together custom plans for each one of their clients. That means each client gets the services they need and only pays for those services. Typically, agencies cannot customize their packages because they are too big and have hundreds of clients. The packages agencies have listed are what they offer- cut and dry. Maybe if you pay more, they may customize what type of work they do for you, but now you’re talking about paying for a premium package that costs five figures per month. 

Another perk to hiring a remote marketing team is the fact that you’re hiring an already tight-knit group who enjoys working together. And 99.99% of the time, they’re really excited to become part of YOUR team. When it comes to your relationship with the marketing team, you’ll never be client #2349. You’re Dan or Becky or Alex – the owner of Your Dream Business. 

Sure, remote marketing teams are smaller than agencies, but that’s what makes them better. Remote groups may be small, but they are mighty. The Facebook Ads manager could also be a fantastic writer and controls all your words. The project manager could also be the researcher who focuses on trends in your industry. She’s the one who will immediately recognize when you’ve got to change your marketing plan or push harder for results – and can make it happen without skipping a beat. When you don’t have to explain to team members where you’re at, what the plan is, or who you are – a lot of time is saved. And in business, when timing is everything, finding a way to do something quickly and effectively is like beating that leprechaun to the end of the rainbow and claiming his gold. 

Having a remote marketing team is the equivalent of having a full department in your business that handles everything from ideas, suggestions, campaign management, and implementation – boxes not included. Are you wondering how a remote marketing team could make a difference in your day-to-day? Click here and let’s talk about it!


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